New Posiflex tablet


MT-4008A is specifically created for both retail and hospitality segments. It is an 8” Android tablet that supports MSR attachment, and can be integrated with the choice of a detachable pistol grip or a hand strap depending on the application. Moreover, an optional dock station with the printer support allows the device to have the features and functionality as an all-in-one POS.

MT-4008A/R Retail Package: MT-4008A Tablet + PG-200 Pistol Grip + 1 *

RB-3000 Removal Battery + 1 * viagra o similares en uruguay Touch Pen (Scanner, MSR, RFID & DS-200/210 dock station optional)

MT-4008A/H cialis generique Hospitality Package: MT-4008A Tablet with Hand Strap + 1 * Touch Pen (MSR, RFID & DS-300/310 dock station optional)