Pricer Electronic Shelf Labels ..

QUICK partners PRICER via SKYDIRECT South Africa.

Pricer is the leading company for the production and supply of innovative electronic Shelf labels (ESL). Founded in 1991 in Uppsala, Sweden, it offers the most complete and scalable ESL solution. Pricer today has over 6,000 installations in over 200 different retailers, and about 80 million ESLs installed in 40 countries. Customers include many of the foremost retail chains. Pricer, in co-operation with qualified partners, offers a totally integrated solution together with peripherals, applications and services. The Pricer electronic price and information systems significantly increases consumer benefit while optimizing operational efficiency and profitability.

Why ESL ?

  • 100% price accuracy (cash register to shelf label)
  • Increase sales and turnover
  • Reducing operation costs
  • Eliminate ‘out of stock’ status
  • Labor cost reduction and better pricing & logistic control
  • Enhancing shoppers trust and confidence (less complaints, queue times, etc..)
  • Enhanced price change capabilities both in number and in speed
  • Significant reduction in ‘price change’ labour
  • Improved stock levels and re-order information
  • Secure customer loyalty and good perception
  • Communicating 24/7; no down time

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